We believe that voting is not a political issue. It is our most basic democratic right as citizens.

The passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (and subsequent renewals) stands as one of the greatest displays of bipartisan effort in our country’s history. However, key protective provisions of the VRA have been stripped in the last decade. Voting rights today are under attack nationwide as states continue to engage in voter suppression. Obstacles to registration, illegal voter purging, and new voter identification requirements are making electoral participation harder than ever.

Blocked From The Ballot is an ongoing photo & interview series about voting rights in America.

The project has two main goals: To shed light on modern issues of disenfranchisement and to amplify the stories of those without a voice and those protecting the right to vote within their communities.

We believe that voting is not a political issue. It is our most basic democratic right as citizens.

Why focus on Florida?

Florida plays a significant role in America’s electoral system. On November 6th, 2018, there is a very real opportunity to change the lives of people who have been without a voice in our country. Under a law that dates back to the Reconstruction era, Florida permanently bars felons from voting, unless a clemency board arbitrarily approves a request to have those rights restored. On average, the board only hears 52 cases a quarter.


Of African-American adults in Florida cannot cast a ballot


People in Florida are disenfranchised


Of the adult population is prohibited from voting because of prior felony convictions


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Thanks to The Brennan Center for Justice, the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, & The Fair Elections Center for their support and incredible work on these issues.


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